Pruning Tips

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  • Secateurs  Clean blades with antiseptic or metho. Prune when plants are dormant so that sap will not ooze from the cuts.
  • In Florida, nobody here keeps any grove trees over 3 – 4 M any more. The big citrus and avocado growers have them mechanically sheared and topped. The sides are angled at 15 degrees. More trees per acre and higher production. They are also less likely to go over in a hurricane. The smaller growers are following Richard Campbell’s lead and keeping their trees below 3 M. They are so much easier to maintain like that. It takes a little getting-used-to because you have to keep the trees a little “hungry”. Nitrogen is the enemy with this kind of culture.
  • Pruning Deciduous Trees  When a deciduous tree is cut back heavily while it is dormant, it will make the tree grow more vigorously but by pruning in the summer, the tree will be retarded in its growth. Always leave the thin growth uncut as this also keeps the vigorous growth to a minimum and produces more fruit sooner. With a more compact tree, it is easier to place the net over it. Keep the young shoots cut off at net height so the net can be removed at the time of picking the fruit.Pruning Evergreens Trees  Harry, President of Sth Australia Rarefruit Society says to prune evergreens when they come into a growth phase ie spring and summer.