Pummelo Tips

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Pummelo – In our location (Redlands) the pummelo will colour up to a sulphur-yellow sheen, the skin will smooth out and the depression at the apex will fill out and become roundish, all this being indications of ripeness and readiness for harvesting. However, the practical and ultimate test is of course tasting samples until one is satisfied. We started picking in early May, which is unusually early for us, but then again this is an unusual year. To achieve best quality and yield we pick selectively from the trees because fruit filling and maturity is a very gradual process in our location and stretches over a couple of months. Also, we will not allow any ripe fruit to hang too long on the trees since it might cause the fruit to develop “riceness” (calcification of vesicles), that is small hard lumps in the fruit flesh. (Nils Manson)