Prickly Pear Tips

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  • In Tijuana, Mexico, you’ll find big piles of these pads which they dethorn using a knife and wearing a glove. Eat only the new, very small, tender, light green ones. They also cut them into strips and mix with beans, chillies, spices etc. in a hotpot.    Ref:  Ben Waddelow
  • Opuntia ficus-indica  I have four varieties growing: yellow, green, orange and another colour, a mixture.  The orange one – almost purple when ripe is far superior and extremely sweet.  Green tastes like a kiwi fruit and the others are quite palatable.  I have grown them for about 7 years with poor results.  About one fruit per year on one out of six plants.  Then I had a member get a pad and grow it for 1 year and send a photo of this tiny little plant covered in fruit.  Apparently the trick is to only grow paddles that have previously fruited.   Ref:  Ross Dickson