Miracle Fruit Tips

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  • Miracle Fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum) Grow in semi-shade. Ref:  Bob Brinsmead
  • If you’re not getting lots of fruit, then either the flowers are not getting pollinated or the flowers are dropping off due to stress. Make sure they are getting plenty of water when flowering and tap the plants with your hand to help spread pollen. I’ve seen some insects here pollinate the flowers also. An extra bit of fertiliser during flowering would also help.   Ref: Oscar – Hawaii
  • There are large leafed and small leafed miracle fruit trees. Here in Hawaii we have the large leafed miracle fruits but they are not nearly as large leafed as some types I saw in Florida at Hopkin’s Nursery. The ones at Hopkins were huge leafs and the fruits were also larger than normal. How large? I didn’t have my ruler with me but I think the ones I have are twice the size of the small leaf type and the ones at Hopkins were about three times. I think there must be many different types of miracle fruits. There are 2 other different genus plants in Africa which also contain miraculin.     Ref: Oscar – Hawaii
  • For faster fruiting, it is good to have an acidic potting mix, low pH, so add lots of peat moss or other organic matter, at least 50% or more into your mix. If your soil is alkaline it is best to just grow it in a pot. It’s a very bonsai plant anyway. Also put the plant over a saucer with water so the mix stays moist all the time. Continuous feeding with slow release or other fertilizer and foliar feed is also very important. Ref:  Oscar – Hawaii