Garcinia Tips

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  • Achacha, Bacupari, Limoncillo, Madrono, Mangosteen, Mundu,
  • In Florida, all Garcinias take off like rockets with Sequestrene 138. iron: Specifically Sequestrene 138 is steroids to Garcinia seedlings. I had Garcinia seedlings idling for a few years until I started giving them that stuff. OMG, what a difference!  Just sprinkle a little in the roots and water it in. Spray it at a rate of 30 gms per 100 litres of water with some dish soap and 100 gms of Urea. Do it once a week. Additionally break up the soil around the trees and add 200 gms of bloodmeal and work it in deeply. Monitor your progress watching the new leaves.
  • Put loads of mulch around the trees.
  • Chelated iron has really made a difference in my Achachairu plants. They respond to chelates even in my adverse climate. Limoncillo is another Garcinia that shows improvement after a generous regime of chelates.  Ref:  Sérgio Duarte, Algarve, Portugal.
  • Mangosteen – I purchased an electric blanket to hasten mangosteen germination and growth during our Innisfail winter and this is what I did:
    Fill deep plastic food containers with damp perlite and coconut coir. Sowed mangosteen seeds and a few small transplanted mangosteen seedlings. Wrapped the food containers/with lids in the electric blanket. Switched the heat setting to give approx 27-30 degrees C around the clock. The results in just a few days are pretty amazing. Within 4 days, Mangosteen seedlings (previously growing outside in the garage in forestry tubes for 3 months) with ¾” shoots and no sign of leaves, put on major growth spurt to reach 3” tall with small leaves. I estimate the increase in growth speed to be maybe a hundred fold. – Greg Woolley in Innisfail