Visiting Chester Dott – Forbidden Fruits Nursery, Mullumbimby

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  • Also see article titled “Grafting Workshop”
  • Custard Apple – take the centre out of your custard apples trees.
  • Chester recommends Howe Longans as they have big fruit and the tree is dwarf.
  • Grafting Black Sapote you need wood that’s been hardened off – don’t use the soft new growth – October. The variety Bernacher is more upright but you get a lot of seconds and it is also bat prone! Maher is more rounded but is susceptible to splitting. The fruit is on the tree for a year.
  • Autumn Bliss and Heritage Raspberry – AB is a late season and Heritage is early but AB has better flavour
  • Mango – recommended are late season varieties:  Keitt, Palmer, Brooks and they fruit in that order.

compiled by Sheryl Backhouse

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STFC newsletter Feb Mar 2008