VegiForms Tips

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  • VegiForms is a patented clear plastic two-part mould for growing a variety of ordinary vegetables in the form of a Garden Elf, an Ear of Corn, comical little Pickle Puss faces, or perfectly shaped Hearts and Diamonds
  • EPCOT/Disney in Orlando does pumpkins in the shape of Mickey Mouse ears in their “The Land” pavilion. Looks great to see them hanging in the forms and others that have already had their forms removed hanging on the living vines.
  • Ariel from Israel says that we can bottle Buddha fruits and add liqueur at the end of the May. After anthesis, strip the leaves and leave 1 fruit of 1 cm diameter on the stripped branch 40 cms long then clean and wash the fruit and place it into a bottle made out of glass and attach to a strong branch and wait. It is essential to spray against ants and pests. After 6-7 months you’ll have a large Buddha fruit in the bottle. Cut the branch, wash the fruit and bottle, add a clear liqueur with various herbs, then hold for 30 days. You can make it with clear Tequila also.