Native Bee Tips

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  • Pollination   In Vietnam the ornamental betalnut is used for pollination in the orchard as it attracts the stingless native bees. Ref: Sheryl Backhouse
  • Mark Armstrong reports that the deposits you may be seeing near the front entrance are most likely the seeds from the gumnuts of the Cadaghi tree. Native bees collect the resin from these gumnuts and in doing so the seed sticks to the bee. Some hives have large quantities of these seeds inside as well as around the entrance. This resin has a low melting point and is known for melting in the heat causing it to collapse and killing the hive. Guy Moschella reports that the best way to deal with part of the problem is to identify the Cadaghi tree and remove them from your property as well as your neighbours. One day you will notice small red tipped Cadaghi trees growing in line between the hive and the tree from where they have been gathering. This only happens in December and January and during this period the bees slacken off in their household duties and put too much effort into gathering Cadaghi resin and seed. What one can do also is check that the hive entrance is not blocked with Cadaghi seed.