Mangosteen Tips

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  • Whilst visiting Malaysia on my way home from India, I spent a week as the guest of one of the rarefruit members on line Aishah and she laughed when I asked for a knife to cut the fruit in half. Apparently you just put the fruit between both your palms and squeeze. The fruit will split then you just break it open. She was telling me that Mangosteen are barred from hotels as the staff cannot get the stain out of towels/sheets etc. so be warned when eating them if you are in your best clothes! More on India and Malaysia when time permits!  Ref:  Sheryl
  • How to pick a good Mangosteen.   Hold the fruit in your hand, press your thumb on the skin and if the skin gives, then the fruit is OK. Sometimes you may see a bright yellow sap coming out of the skin – do not buy this fruit as it’s no good. Don’t buy fruit which is really hard.