Leaf Tip Burn Tips

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Leaf Tip Burn
The problem is that leaf-tip burn can be caused by any number of circumstances, and some plants are more susceptible to it that others. So here, in no particular order, are some of the reasons you might be dealing with leaf-tip burn and ways to prevent it:
• Over-fertilizing. In some plants, leaf-tip burn is a sign of fertilizer burn, especially if it travels along the leaf’s outer margin. Cut way back on fertilizer if this might be a problem.
• Water stress. Over AND under watering can both cause leaf-tip burn. Remember, never let plants sit in water, and make sure to follow the general guidelines for that species.
• Low humidity. Depending on your region and the species of plant, low humidity can contribute to leaf-tip burn. Cold damage. Tropical plants subjected to cold temperatures will sometimes develop leaf-tip burn.
• Fluoride damage.
• Alkaline water. Most plants prefer water with a slightly acidic pH. If you suspect your water has a pH above 7, switch to some other water source. If your water pH is really high, use two tablespoons of vinegar    in 4 ltrs of water for your potplants.