Grape Tips

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  • The Northern Territory Government carried out an experiment and said that calcium deficiency in grapes cannot be easily corrected by applying foliar sprays or calcium fertilisers. A study carried out at Ti Tree showed that calcium sprays did not have a beneficial effect on the berries. The trial recorded the rate of water loss from grape clusters and berry sugar and acid levels. Some control measures that can be used to reduce calcium deficiency are:
    • Controlling vine vigour.
    • Not over-loading the vine with fruit.
    • Using scion/rootstock combinations such as Menindee/Sultana, which have a good capacity to absorb calcium.
    Calcium deficiency can reduce the shelf life of table grapes. Adequate calcium levels are required to reduce the rate of water loss and maintain bunch quality including the prevention of stem browning.
  • Smartphone App for growers of Grapes to recognise diseases and disorders.