Bushfood Tips

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  • Burdekin Plum  My Mum taught us to bury the purple fruits in damp sand until they became soft and sweet. I think fruit flavour varied tree to tree but the sand trick turns them all into edible fruit within a few days. Ref: Daleys
  • Syzygium fibrosum otherwise called Fibrous Satinash or you might also see it marketed as Raincherries is usually grown from seed and is probably the best Syzygium to grow as it has so few seeds so is great for processing. Another good one for the home garden is Syzygium leumanii and one outlet sells this product as Rainberries. If you just have the one growing, then you might find it is seedless but if you put in lots, then you’ll find lots of seeds. Ref: Graeme White – Witjuti Nursery  www.witjutigrub.com.au
  • Don’t prune the branches on Syzygium fibrosum or Sygygium leuhmannii  as the branch won’t produce fruit beyond the point where it was cut and the tree doesn’t tend to grow new branches.   Ref:  James Hansen