Akee Tips

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Don’t believe everything people tell you about rare fruits. On a recent trip to a well-known fruit tree nursery, I was told by the proprietor that the seeds (nuts) inside the fruit of the Akee tree were the edible part. Having spent some time in Jamaica as a child, I knew this was incorrect and that the nut is in fact very toxic. I told the proprietor this but he insisted that he was correct. Upon reaching home I found some information on the Internet, which stated that the unripe arils and the seeds are toxic, and I quote:  “…Akee poisoning in humans is evidenced by acute vomiting, followed by drowsiness, convulsions, coma, and too often, death.”     I’m glad I didn’t believe him, but what if others do?!   Ref:  Jenny Awbery – RFC Brisbane Branch newsletter June 2001