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Zucchini Flower Recipes
The Zucchini has both male and female flowers with the male having a thinner stem ideal for making it suitable for use in a hot pasta. Try with any of the following: butter, parmesan cheese, anchovies, garlic, capers, semi-dried tomatoes, nuts or olives. You’ll use at least two dozen or so. You could also just use any of these ingredients and add the flowers for 3-4 minutes before serving.  The female flowers are much stronger and have the little baby zucchini attached which makes it ideal for deep frying. Allow 3 or 4 flowers per person. For deep-frying, stuff with equal quantities of grated parmesan, gruyere and breadcrumbs; handful of the flat style Italian parsley with seasoning of your choice and fill the female flowers carefully. Dip in batter and pinch the tips of the flower together. You can also roast or braise with a sauce. Both are suitable to stuff. Use the same day you pick them. Don’t use if the stamen or stigma is dark and be sure the flower is firm at the tip.