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We have found an excellent use for our Araca Boi (Eugenia stipitata) a really great chilli sauce can be made from this most productive of bushes. 6 ripe fruit (125 mm) were peeled, seeds separated, 200 grams of Cayenne chilli, 1½ cups of sugar and a dessert spoon of salt were blended and microwaved until just bubbling then poured into a one-litre juice bottle with a small amount left over. It has poor keeping qualities and the bottle is nearly empty after only a week when taken to work. It’s hot but would have to be one of the best tasting chilli sauces ever.   Ref:  George & Judy Allen

Pitaya Coulis:  50g castor sugar; 50 mls water; 1 Red Pitaya; 1 tsp Lime Juice. Place all ingredients into saucepan. Bring to the boil and reduce to simmer, allow for the fruit to break down. Remove from heat and let cool.