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Parsley Pesto        by Frances Gonano
I always seem to either not have enough parsley or a glut of it! Until recently my gluts usually went to waste, but this recipe is really tasty. The parsley is mixed with parmesan and nuts, spiced up with lemon and garlic. It can be served with pasta or on a baked potato, but we usually use it in sandwiches.
Process together until finely chopped:3 cups parsley leaves, loosely packed, ½ cup macadamias or almonds, toasted and 3 cloves garlic
Add slowly to the food processor as it runs: 1/3 cup virgin olive oil, 1½ tblsp lemon juice
Stir in:  3 tbspl finely grated parmesan
Taste then add more lemon or parmesan if preferred.
Once you’ve tasted this you may like to vary it by adding other herbs.