Australian Macadamia SocietyGood information on macadamias.
Australian MangoesGood information on varieties, eating, and conferences.
Avocadoes AustraliaThe peak avocado industry website.
Avocado SourceGlobal library of avocado information.
Bananas.orgNeed to register to get full access to site.
Big Pumpkin.orgUSA site about giant pumpkin growing.
Blue Sky Backyard BananasBanana growing information.
Bunchgrapes.comAbout growing grapes.
California Dried FigsGrowing and processing figs.
Chestnut Growers of AmericaUSA site for chestnut growers.
Citrus AustraliaDedicated site for citrus growers.
Citrus Growers ForumGood sources of citrus information.
Gold Crown Macadamia AssociationCalifornian macadamia growing site.
Int. Society for Mushroom ScienceAbout varieties of edible mushrooms.
Int. Tropical Fruits Network
Lychees OnlineDedicated lychee growing site.
Macadamia Grower ServicesDedicated macadamia site.
UC Integrated ViticultureGrape growing information.
Edible AroidsThe International Network for Edible Aroids (INEA) is a global consortium of scientists and growers.
Asimina trilobaNote: Americans refer to this fruit as a pawpaw. What Australians call a pawpaw, Americans call a papaya.
Avocado InformationA free virtual library on avocados.
BananasArchive of 31 articles on bananas from Advancing Science Serving Society.
CasanaFacts on Casana, relative of tamarillo.
Citrus relatives and hybridsA citrus plant name database.
Citrus: sweet and sourGrapefruits, Pummelo, Shaddock and Bitter and Sour Oranges.
Figs Fact SheetProduced by ‘The Food Forest’.
Kola nutsCola nitida and Cola acuminate seeds.
LoquatItem about fruit set and pollination.
Pawpaw – A Tropical Fruit For Temperate ClimatesPDF Fact Sheet on Pawpaw growing (Asimina triloba)
Pawpaw 101: Just the BasicsSlide presentation on Pawpaw growing. (Asimina triloba)
Pomegranates in CaliforniaPomegranate information.
Rainforest fruit powerArticle on native rainforest fruits.
Tropical NutsFrom Australian Ethnobotany website.
Vanilla growing in IndiaInformation on organic vanilla growing.