Birdproofing your Mangoes

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Usually I put a frame around my mango trees but this method is good for trees with just a few fruit. Mind you the method has its problems with big mangoes such as R2E2. I clean the milk containers as soon as the milk is used up and before any residues dry in the container so it’s easier to clean.  Before fitting over the mango I also put a couple of small holes in the bottom to allow any water to drain. To fit over the mango, slice from the top down one side just enough to fit over the mango and move the container so that the round opening is on the stalk. Container should then hold in place. I haven’t had to, but if necessary you could always tie it in place. I have only started using the method this year and it seems to work well. I had one on one of my R2E2s. I did have trouble fitting one onto my 1-20 or 20-26 as it was a big mango I had to eat in 2 sittings. Container & mangoes usually drop to the ground when ready and I simply walk around the trees and look for containers on the ground most mornings. I didn’t have enough containers when I started but will be better organised next year. I still get birds & wallabies getting through my nets so the milk containers may help here. The container probably stops fruit sucking moths as well. One of the photos is from Robert Pulvirenti and the other is mine; a Palmer which being long & thin as opposed to large and round, fits easily in the container.

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