Bee Keeping

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To keep bees you have to be registered with the DPI and pay an annual fee of $11.00 which is great value as they keep you informed and it was Matt Synnott who told me about their free workshop (he and his wife Robyn welcome you at the door on club nights).

About 50 of us attended and they showed us hives infected with American Fowl Brood disease as well as the Sth African beetle. One of the chaps attending said he was able to rid his hives of this beetle by putting a thin slice of the red Salad Onion at each end of the box and they would disappear in 3-4 days. Don’t use garlic or ordinary onion as it’s too potent. What you also need is somewhere for them to go and die after they leave the box.

I’ve made up a folder of the DPI brochures given to me so have a look for it in the club library. If you’d like to join then write to the DPI & Fisheries (Beekeeping), Locked Bag 17, Warwick Qld 4370  Ph:  4661 6604.

The bees were all very well behaved and terribly quiet and when one of the chaps said he had nasty ones that sting, he was told to get rid of the old queen and introduce a new one!!!    Watch out girls!

Creamed Honey

Did you know that it comes from selected varieties of fine-grained crystallising honeys as not all types are suitable for making it and that it was only perfected last year.

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STFC Newsletter June – July 2006