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by admin | October 20, 2020 2:15 pm

The following books on fruit can be read on the web.
The one by TK Lim is 900 pages and costs approx. $350 to buy so if you like any of these books, save them onto your computer as I find that sometimes they may not be there next time! Some of them you will need to click on each chapter to read but remember to save them. It may be a bit tedious to copy the URL into Google so just type in the name of the book & see if you find the URL to match. Sometimes you will only see certain pages so sometimes you need to know how many pages were in the original book and look further for another link. Sometimes you just click on the PDF icon.  There are literally dozens of books available on the web and below is a small selection.  Enjoy…  

Field Guide to the Pests, Beneficials, Diseases and Disorders of Mangoes (it’s also in our library)  

Tropical Fruit Tree and other Exotic Foliage as Human Food  

Manual of Tropical and Subtropical Fruits


Wild Mangoes from Indonesia and Malaysia…


Cacao:… Cocoa Growing in Nth Qld  file:///F:/Downloads/13-114.pdf  84 page book from RIRDC.  

Edible Medicinal & Non-Medicinal Plants by TK Lim…  

Chest of Books. Click on Gardening then click on Find and type in fruit and scroll down. Amazing.  

A Traveller’s Guide to the Durian Season. 

Mainly maps but click on the links for all the good info. Just remember that rain can change the season.…  

Wild Edible Plants of Assam:

Annona Monograph

Fruits of Warm Climates by Julia Morton

American Black Sapotes…

Lost Crop of the Incas

Lost Crops of Africa – Fruit

Lost Crops of Africa – Vegetables

Edible Leaves in Papua New Guinea
Traditional Trees of Pacific Islands

Fruits of Vietnam    

Fruit Trees and Useful Plants in Amazonian Life

Bread from Stones


Amaranth to Zai Holes    Saw this book in the South Australian Rarefruit Library and liked it.…

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