Executive and Office Bearers


President: Barbara Beerling
Vice President: George Allen
Secretary: Sheryl Backhouse
Treasurer: Ted Newton
Committee: Jason Spotswood, Matt Synnott

Other Office Bearers

Newsletter Editor:       Sheryl Backhouse

Newsletter Dispatch:  Sheryl Backhouse

Membership:               Sheryl Backhouse

Librarian:                     David Wood

Equipment Team:       Sheryl Backhouse

Front Desk:                 Matt Synnott and Ted Newton

Sales:                          Sharon Songhurst and Sheryl Backhouse 

Raffle Tickets:             Matt Synnott

Raffle Table:                Wayne Bischoff and Brian Doboli

Sound and Video:        George Allen, Jason Spotswood

Recording Transcribers:  Annette McFarlane, Sheryl Backhouse, Russell Reinhardt. Other volunteers encouraged!

Supper Preparation:          Steve Gaynor

Peace Hall Rep:                 Sheryl Backhouse

Field Trip Coordinator:      Sheryl Backhouse

Car Pooling Coordinator:  Sheryl Backhouse

Website Content:                Jason Spotswood

Website Administration:     Jason Spotswood