Visiting James Creagh and Philippe Dufaud

by admin | April 2, 2020 1:19 am

We moved in about ten years ago with the intention of developing a Healing Center and an Intentional Community – a place where people could access diverse natural medicine, including a raw food diet, yoga, different types of meditation and massage, dance therapy and other healing techniques. One of our main focuses is supporting people eating a raw food diet.  That goal has brought us to develop a large orchard and we are also making improvements to the house. We have been organizing a few workshops and have woofers regularly. Hundreds of fruit trees have been planted, many during the drought, but most of them are now doing well thanks to the abundant rainfall we have received these last few years. The range of fruit trees is wide, including the most usual ones such as mangoes, citrus, bananas, guavas, avocados, macadamias, persimmons, mulberries, stone fruits but also some rarer fruit trees:jaboticaba, ceylonese olives, pomegranate, panama berries, abiu, lucuma, governor’s plum, acerola cherries, brazilian cherries, madrano, asian tamarind, pitomba, mamey sapote, green sapote, kei apples, dragon fruit, guyana chestnuts, a lot of jackfruit as well as many others. We have 50 hectares and it is mostly planted with eucalypts. There is still around 9 hectares left and plenty of room for a lot more fruit trees. This area is frost free, mostly exposed to the north and we have two dams and therefore plenty of water. The soil is rather good, being of volcanic origin, but a bit too clayish and too acidic (pH5). We have 4 bee hives and want to get more. They are very productive and have improved pollination. We are an organic farm and follow biodynamic and permaculture ideas. We have geese, ducks and a few chickens.  Some of the local attractions: Border Range National Park – about 20 min away; Mt Warning.

Hanging Rock – local waterfall swimming area – 10 min away. We offer the possibility to stay at our place overnight, from Saturday to Sunday to members who wish to spend the weekend visiting our area. We practice raw food and invite people to share our meal. There is also some basic cooking facilities available in the studio. We do have some accommodation: 2 rooms with 3 beds and 2 beds in another room. BYO bed linen/towels etc. If you want cooked food, then BYO Directions:   Allow 2½ hours from Brisbane. It’s a really beautiful area so do come and visit. Take the highway in the direction of Coolangatta, Tweed Head, Ballina. Take the first exit to Murwillumbah. Drive across Murwillumbah, pass the bridge following the main street. Turn left in Murwillumbah, on the top of the hill, to take the direction of Nimbin, Kyogle, Lismore. Follow the main road in direction of Kyogle. Pass the turn off to Nimbin and continue towards Kyogle. Going up you will see a lookout (to Mount Warning) on your right (about 5km after the turn off to Nimbin). You will now be in Kyogle Shire.  You will easily notice the first house on the right. A brick house on the hill. Our house is the second house on the right hand side, just 100 metres further. You may notice the entry of our drive way with its yellow flag, and a few Hibiscus on the right  but you may miss it because it runs at a sharp angle with the road. If you miss it you will find Williams Road on your right, and you will need to drive back, a few hundred metres. 

Sheryl:  If you stay or share in a meal, feel free to offer a donation to the Centre. Email Philippe if you would like to stay in their accommodation. Plenty of room to pitch a tent or bring your motorhome/caravan.

Philippe Dufaud – email:    4148 Kyogle Road, Lillian Rock NSW

Bald Knob Market is on every Saturday.   Nimbin Market is held every 3rd Sunday and is 15 mins away

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