Guest Speakers for 12th December 2013 Meeting

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Shelley would like to share some experiences she had during her two trips to Brasil in 2010 and 2011. She was privileged to meet and later stay as the guest of Harri Lorenzi who has written a number of botanical books including “Brazilian Fruits and Cultivated Exotics”. Her observations are mainly from eastern states – Sao Paulo & Rio de Janiero.

Samantha Shellard on her Wicking Beds Wicking

The beds were originally developed for arid environments by Colin Austin. These beds are unique systems which store rainwater in a reservoir. Samantha will share images taken during the construction of her wicking bed. This will also be an opportunity to discuss and relate experiences from the rest of the membership regarding wicking bed modifications.

John Elfick on his Banana and Coconut Projects via the web

John is one of our original members and is currently an Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Education, University of Qld and previously trained science teachers there. He developed and administers the staff website: and he will introduce his chapters on Banana Project and Coconuts Project in his website for school teachers. John formerly worked in Papua New Guinea for 11 years training science and agriculture teachers.

Mike Foale (Mr Coconuts)

Will talk about coconuts in the diet based on his vast knowledge of coconut growing in the Solomon Islands and Australia. Mike is also an honorary staff member of the University of Queensland and his book The Coconut Odyssey is available as a free download.  You can also meet Mike at the Maleny Markets.

Claus Jehne is a retired food technologist and will introduce us to his coconut crisps.