Field Trip Sunday 22nd September 2013

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Alan has nine wick gardens with a wide variety of produce growing. These gardens use a water reservoir that cuts down water requirements by at least 50%. This means no hand-held watering, just checking the reservoir once a month.  They are ideal for improving soil nutrition and as a bonus reduce the germination of unwanted weeds. They make gardening simple for the non-gardener and are the ultimate in low-maintenance gardening. Gardeners can go on holidays and do not have to worry about arranging watering while they are away. Gardens can sometimes go for six months without the need to top up the reservoir. He will explain the theory behind the concept, its range of applications (including orchards), how to build one at home, improving soil quality, composting, and how to get the most out of your wick garden. There will also be a range of interesting garden accessories on display courtesy of Clive Puzey.

Field Trip Sunday 22nd September:  Alan Singleton of Watersaver Gardens, 20 Jennings St. Toowoomba    Bring something to share for Morning Tea at 10am   Talk 10.30am