Field Trip Saturday 3rd September 2016 Mick and Michelle Peters

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Time 10am Bring something to share for morning tea  
We live on 5 acres of frost prone, gently sloping land with a non-permanent creek and a dam. We have two mixed orchards with over 70 trees in the ground and some in pots. The house orchard is watered by the house grey water and is above the flood level. This orchard has most of our citrus trees. The second orchard is on the flood plain and is watered by dam water and this orchard is subject to infrequent flooding. We have a collection of red and white mulberries and three of Ric Deering’s finger lime selections. We also dabble in herbs, vegetables, bonsais and orchids.  We make our own native bee boxes and bird nesting boxes and have 6 native bee hives.  We have been a member of the Sub-Tropical Fruit Club in its many forms for over 20 years and have many seedlings, graftings, cuttings and plant pots that I would like to sell cheap as we are retiring and wish to travel. We have a pizza oven which we will fire up for lunch so bring a pizza and a chair. We are looking forward to having you at our place.