Field Trip 15th November 2014 – Paul & Mary Roudenko's property

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Paul is a hobby grower of fruit trees, a good grafter and a very good tree grower. He will tell you what he does to get the best growth out of your trees and he will also teach you the various methods of grafting your citrus rootstocks so buy a couple off the trade table at the next meeting and bring them along. If you have any scion wood you want grafted onto the rootstock, either bring it along or let Sheryl know what you would like. Paul has many established very healthy fruit trees. Oranges – Washington Navel, Lanes Late, Milton Hall, Ryan, Shamuti; Mandarins, Fremont, Afoura, Sunburst, Orlando; Lemons – Meyer & Tahitian;  Lime – West Indian & Kaffir; Finger lime, Lemonade; Avocado – Pinkerton, Hass, Edranol; Peach-Dwarf; Nectarine. Several trees have been multi grafted. Members can try to identify them! Mundu, Achacha, Grumichama, Pitomba and a few others. A small mixed vegie patch, some Xanthorrhoeas and flowers.

Trees in pots for sale: Citrus, Finger lime, Navel, Fremont, Late Valencia, Tahitian lime; Avos – Pinkerton and Edranol. Prices $15-20. Some small plants $5-10. Comfrey, Bay tree, Orchids. A couple of large citrus in 250ml pots. We’ll be going around in small groups. Paul grows very healthy trees so come along and find out what he does!


Time: 10 am

Location: Eight Mile Plains UBD Map201 B19 (full details have been emailed and is in the newsletter)

Contact: 3341 1569