Vegetable Gardening Tips

  • Tyres contain cadmium which fixes the colour in the rubber and potatoes, cabbages, carrots, radishes, lettuce, turnips, & peanuts are known to accumulate cadmium
  • Do not to use treated pine as a surround for your vegetable beds.
  • They only eat the seeds of pumpkin in Cappadocia, Turkey and use the flesh for fertiliser to grow more pumpkins for the seeds!
  • Luffas  If you want a soft sponge, pick the luffa while its green. 
    If you want a tougher quality, wait till the outer skin yellows and dries out.  Ref: John Kufrovich
    The bigger ones will be tougher and make good luffas; the new little ones should be good in stir-fries. There are lots of Google sites on making luffa sponges.      Ref:  Stephen
  • Pumpkin Seeds 

    Adrian  We use the seeds to make a nice snack. We simply put a little salt on them, then pan fry them with a little bit of oil till slightly brown. They are a really good crunchy snack! No need to peel them, they're fine as is. Harvesting around 60kg of pumpkins this year means we get plenty of pre dinner snacks!

    Jason   I have never hulled my pumpkin seeds either when roasting them in the oven. Generally I put them on a tray after having cooked something else and just let the residual heat bake them. As for pepitas, they are from a specific kind of pumpkin I believe.

    Diane  I make similar but I use dukkah seasoning instead as there are many different dukkah mixes to suit every taste - enjoy them with wine/beer instead of nuts etc. They only take a short time in the oven to puff up.

  • Sweet Potato  Saw the best patch of Ipomoea batatas recently at Bruce Chadfield’s place grown in cut grass/mulch above ground. Zig in the Northern Territory also says that the best sweet potatoes he grew were plants that had run into a pile of acacia leaves (Acacia difficilis). The tubers were in the leaf mulch and not in the sandy ground below. 
  • Taro  Just came back from a pot luck dinner where one of the dishes was a delicious taro dish. Consisted of 4 parts taro to one part sweet potato, cooked in 1/2 can of coconut cream, with a bit of honey added. Was mashed to a very fine soup like consistency. Really delicious!    Ref:  Oscar, Hawaii
  • Zeolite  -  A Natural Australian Mineral. It not only helps you grow better fruit and vegetables by increasing nutrient retention ability of your soil but zeolite also helps you store your fruit and vegetables longer because it absorbs ethylene produced by the ripening process. Place the fruit or vegetable in a plastic bag and add two tablespoons of zeolite. Close the bag and store in a cool place.