Tamarillo Spaghetti Sauce   by Paul Recher   
They make a superb spaghetti sauce. Substitute half of your tomatoes with tamarillos.

Tamarillo Jam     by Mark Kickbusch
Cut in half lengthwise and take off stalks. Boil 1 kg tamarillos  with 600ml water for 15 minutes. Remove skins, add 1kg sugar and boil another 30 minutes until it sets.

Compote of Tamarillo  by Willi Bollerman
Place whole fruit with stem in hot water to loosen the skin then take out and peel then cut off the stem. Cut in half lengthwise, then boil in a thin sugar syrup with 3 cloves, powered cinnamon to taste, pinch of salt and ½ tsp vanilla. Thicken with cornflower. I like to serve it with Custard.