Nuts / Seeds

Mixed Seed on buttered bread 
Take off the crusts from fresh light grain bread. Butter the bread.
Mix together your choice from the following seeds – roasted or toasted:
Pinenuts, Pumpkin, Sesame, Sunflower, then add one or more of the following bushfood:
Small chunks of Macadamia, Bunya, powdered or finely crushed Lemon Myrtle.
Put the nuts into a wide shallow bowl then press the buttered bread into the mix.
Cut into 4. Great to have with late afternoon drinks!

Sesame Seed Dressing for Beans or other Greens
Heat 2½ tbs of white sesame seeds in a skillet – shaking constantly until seeds are light brown and they pop. Reserve 1tsp of seeds. Grind remaining seeds and combine with ½ tsp sugar, 1½ tbs soy and 2 tbs of dashi.