Welcome to the Sub-Tropical Fruit Club of Qld Inc.
Our club promotes the growing and use of rare, unusual, and common types of fruit trees, bush food, and vegetables. This website contains information about the club, such as how to join, as well as lots of information about many of the plants we promote. Enjoy!

Guest Speaker for 10th October 2013 Meeting - Dr Barry Madsen 'On Becoming a Rare Fruiter'

Barry is an ex-academic who since retirement now finds there's more time to devote to an improved lifestyle balance.  One dimension of this change in activities has been an interest in growing nutritious & tasty fruit in a backyard setting, providing fresh produce almost all year round.  Various forms of processing help to achieve this goal.  With limited space the choice of appropriate plants has to be quite ruthless, so that if any are not very flavoursome, too slow to get into production mode, too much trouble re pests, fruits can be bought cheaply, etc, then others get their place i

Fourth Qld Bushfoods Conference 2013

4th Qld Bushfoods Conference - Saturday 21st September. Griffith University - Nathan Campus  -  Brisbane
Fee: $30.00 includes meals or $40.00 includes meals plus membership of the Qld Bushfoods Association.
See the attached conference brochure for all the information about the day.

Contact: Sheryl Backhouse for additional information if required. Email:  sheryl.backhouse@bigpond.com

Field Trip Sunday 22nd September 2013

Alan has nine wick gardens with a wide variety of produce growing. These gardens use a water reservoir that cuts down water requirements by at least 50%. This means no hand-held watering, just checking the reservoir once a month.  They are ideal for improving soil nutrition and as a bonus reduce the germination of unwanted weeds. They make gardening simple for the non-gardener and are the ultimate in low-maintenance gardening. Gardeners can go on holidays and do not have to worry about arranging watering while they are away.

Guest Speaker for 8th August 2013 Meeting

Guest Speaker James Creagh is a passionate grower of food. He and his partner Philippe have planted hundreds of fruit and nut trees some common and many unusual varieties including yellow sapotes, mamey sapote, rollina, soursop, jackfruit and yellow mangosteen. He has recently returned from spending the summer near Perpignan in the south of France staying in one of the largest stone fruit growing areas of Europe after Italy and Spain. He discovered some interested varieties of stone fruits and other fruits that he's keen to share.

Field Trip 5th, 6th, 7th July 2013

Field Trip:  Queensland Garden Expo 5th, 6th, 7th July    www.qldgardenexpo.com.au


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