Welcome to the Sub-Tropical Fruit Club of Qld Inc.
Our club promotes the growing and use of rare, unusual, and common types of fruit trees, bush food, and vegetables. This website contains information about the club, such as how to join, as well as lots of information about many of the plants we promote. Enjoy!

Guest Speaker - Shelley Gage

Shelley went to Sri Lanka last September and saw lots of familiar and unfamiliar fruits for sale at the street markets and as part of a meal. She is looking forward to showing you some of these as a slide show and discussing their preparation.

Field Trip – Kenilworth Cheese Wine & Food Festival - Easter Saturday 26th March

We are co-joining with the Qld Bushfood Association to enjoy a day out in the country.
10:30am and 1:30pm Gourmet cooking demonstrations with chef Peter Wolfe of Cedar Creek Bushfood Farm.  Peter is an excellent demonstrator who will be fusing native bushfood flavours with Asian and European cuisines. Paleo Diet Cooking Demonstrations also on the day - 11:30am + 12:30pm. 
Free Entry 7am-4pm at Kenilworth Park and Cheese Factory. Wine & cheese tastings all day. Take your esky.
7:00am Breakfast in beautiful Kenilworth Park at one of the many food stalls.

Guest Speaker 10th December 2015 - Guest Speaker Dr. John Dearnaley on Soil Mycorrhiza

John is the President of the Australasian Mycological Society, Senior Lecturer in Cellular and Molecular Biology, School of Agricultural, Computational & Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Health, Engineering & Sciences, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba john.dearnaley@usq.edu.au

Field Trip 14th November 2015 - Agronomist, Mark Parkinson has invited us to Michael Geraghty’s Avocado farm at Hampton, north of Toowoomba.

Mark will take us through the orchard showing us his methods. Reed avocadoes will be for sale.

Guest Speaker 8th October 2015 - Irrigation


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