Welcome to the Sub-Tropical Fruit Club of Qld Inc.
Our club promotes the growing and use of rare, unusual, and common types of fruit trees, bush food, and vegetables. This website contains information about the club, such as how to join, as well as lots of information about many of the plants we promote. Enjoy!

Guest Speaker 10th December 2015 - Guest Speaker Dr. John Dearnaley on Soil Mycorrhiza

John is the President of the Australasian Mycological Society, Senior Lecturer in Cellular and Molecular Biology, School of Agricultural, Computational & Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Health, Engineering & Sciences, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba john.dearnaley@usq.edu.au

Field Trip 14th November 2015 - Agronomist, Mark Parkinson has invited us to Michael Geraghty’s Avocado farm at Hampton, north of Toowoomba.

Mark will take us through the orchard showing us his methods. Reed avocadoes will be for sale.

Guest Speaker 8th October 2015 - Irrigation

Field Trip 12th September 2015 to a fertiliser factory

As a follow-on to Mark Parkinson’s talk at the club in June, we will be visiting a Fertiliser factory and Mark will explain the terminology and how to use the different products. Fert Pro, 66 Chum Street, Dinmore. UBD Map 215 Ref: B10

Guest Speaker 13th August 2015: John Parsons on insectivorous Microbats

These are not the ones that eat your fruit!! Bat boxes will be for sale $5.00.


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