Welcome to the Sub-Tropical Fruit Club of Qld Inc.
Our club promotes the growing and use of rare, unusual, and common types of fruit trees, bush food, and vegetables. This website contains information about the club, such as how to join, as well as lots of information about many of the plants we promote. Enjoy!

Guest Speaker for 8th August 2013 Meeting

Guest Speaker James Creagh is a passionate grower of food. He and his partner Philippe have planted hundreds of fruit and nut trees some common and many unusual varieties including yellow sapotes, mamey sapote, rollina, soursop, jackfruit and yellow mangosteen. He has recently returned from spending the summer near Perpignan in the south of France staying in one of the largest stone fruit growing areas of Europe after Italy and Spain. He discovered some interested varieties of stone fruits and other fruits that he's keen to share.

Field Trip 5th, 6th, 7th July 2013

Field Trip:  Queensland Garden Expo 5th, 6th, 7th July    www.qldgardenexpo.com.au

13th June 2013 - We’re not just a Fruit Club!

We’re not just a Fruit Club! The theme for the June meeting is Vegetables.

Guest Speakers: Jason Spotswood, Sheryl Backhouse, Bob Cosgrove, Barbara Beerling, Roman Spur, Stan Cadjler, Don Gordon, Mark Mammino & Shelley Gage.

stfc.org.au is the top ranked sub-tropical fruit web site

That's right, this site is now the top ranked sub-tropical fruit web site according to Google when searched from the Brisbane QLD area. Using the search term "sub-tropical fruit" reveals http://stfc.org.au as the number one ranking. This site also appears on the first page when the search term "tropical fruit" is used. When the same search term is used from Canada, this site is still able to achieve a number 5 ranking, which is significant given the location based preference for search results.

Field Trip Sunday 21st April 2013

We will be visiting a Persimmon, Stonefruit and Fig farm in the Lockyer Valley. The farm grows 5000 Persimmon, 6000 Stonefruit and 1500 Figs.
Members Only. We will be able to buy Persimmons and Figs as they finish picking the 1st week in May.


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