The library contains a wealth of information of interest to members of the club. The use of our lending library of books, magazines, tapes, and DVDs is open to members only at meetings. Borrowing of books is subject to the ‘Rules of the Library’ listed below. The library will be open for the perusal of items only when the librarians are present. This is usually between 6pm and 7pm only.

Rules of the Library

  1. Members are permitted to borrow a total of 10 (ten) items at any one time.
  2. Members must ensure that their contact details are up to date (including their email address and phone numbers) when borrowing any item.
  3. Items can be borrowed for 2 (Two) months from one meeting to the next. The Librarian must sign out any item borrowed (recording the month).
  4. Items being returned to the library must be returned directly to the Librarian. The Librarian must sign in any borrowed item (recording the month).
  5. If you are unable to return items by the due date, you must contact the Librarian.
  6. Damaged items will need to be identified to the Librarian.
  7. Borrowing privileges will be suspended while there are outstanding borrowings. Members with outstanding items will be reminded via email and within the next newsletter.
  8. Items returned late will incur a fee of $0.50 for a small book/magazine and $1.00 for a large book for each meeting it is not returned.
  9. Should an item be lost, members will need to reimburse the club for the full current cost of replacement.