Jackfruit Tips

  • I met Mr. Zahar who works at the Agricultural Park in Kuantan, Malaysia and has a fruit tree nursery. With Jackfruit he prepares the rootstock in the morning and waits 3 hours before he joins the new scion wood to the rootstock. Remove all the leaves off the rootstock. It is wedge grafted when the buds start shooting. One day before they graft, he will make some scars on the trunk of the rootstock. His sharpening tool is a warm stone, quite chalky - it comes off white in your fingers. Ref: Sheryl Backhouse
  • You can root by cuttings and also by airlayers.
  • I tried propagating cuttings of Arto. species in Fiji and Arto. hetero. in Israel and it works but it takes a long time as the roots break easily so each cutting should be placed in a small pot and not in a rooting bed. I used apical cuttings only of 15-20 cms long leaving a few cut-halved leaves with bottom heat of 30 celsius.   Ref: Ariel in Israel
  • Leaf Shapes - Young jackfruits can have rounded or lobed leaves but when they are mature the leaves are more uniformly elongated.
  • Guinness Book of Records - A Black Gold grown in Hawaii weighed in at just over 34kgs.