Frost Tips

  • According to a NZ company who sells specialist frost protection equipment, the good ones sell for around $1800. But the bottom line is that that when the alarm goes off, they do not rely on the sprinklers coming on automatically - they get up at whatever hour to make sure that all is working as it should. I also spoke to the owner of a vineyard and they have just installed 2 propellers at $55,000 each which use 300 ltrs of diesel per night and around the base of the propeller they put 10 smokepots which generate a hit of heat that is taken up by the propeller. He said that the problem with the overhead watering system is that by the time the frost arrives, the pipes are frozen!   Ref: Sheryl
  • If you live in a frost prone area then put a large black plastic drum (or a 44 gallon drum painted black) under each fruit tree and fill the container with water. During the day the drum will heat up and throw off enough radiation at night stopping the frost from settling. You can also espalier dwarf fruit trees against a north facing brick wall of your house then strawberries can be planted at the base facing the wall.