Blueberry Tips

  • Stay healthy and productive if pruned regularly
  • Young bushes up to 2 years old should be trimmed only to remove dead or diseased canes removed
  • Mature bushes (3 to 8 yrs.) require removal of prostrate canes and canes longer than 2 feet in length
  • Lowbush varieties can be pruned with a lawn mower. Because they will not produce berries the year following pruning, cut back half of the bushes each year and keep the other half of your plants in production
  • Blueberries should be taste-tested before harvesting
  • Berries that have just turned blue are not the best tasting
  • Gently shake a cluster of berries to determine ripeness. The ripe ones will fall easily off the bush
  • Store blueberries in the refrigerator immediately after harvesting. Cooler temperatures than the average refrigerator (31º to 32ºF) will keep them fresh for up to two weeks
  • Varieties Misty and Sharpe Blue are susceptible to rust.